LIFE Magazine November 1993

LIFE Magazine November 1993 When a Father Dies


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Pg… 12 THE BIG PICTURE Old institutions get new perspectives; a holiday parade is no turkey.

Pg… 24 THE LITTLE PICTURE In New York, love's in bloom; in LA., death takes a holiday; in Italy, fitness catches the tenor of the times.

Pg… 30 CAMERA AT WORK Judy Garland. James Dean. Marlon Brando. Everybody snapped their pictures, but Phil Stern's photos captured their lives.

Pg… 37 ALMANAC The enemy surrenders. A valiant ship touches land. And a latter–day plague turns laughter to sorrow.

Pg… 46 DISCOVERY Won't somebody please save this whale? In the hit movie Free Willy, someone did. But can the real Willy survive?

Pg… 61 THE WAY WE LIVE During Arthur Ashe's last year, he created a lifetime of memories for his daughter, Camera. His wife's photographs preserved each moment forever.

Pg… 70 LIFE SECIALGiant orange pumpkins sprawled in fields. Ten thousand turkeys gobbling. Miles of blood–red cranberry bogs. On a visit to the country at harvest time, we celebrate America the Bountiful and praise the glorious gifts of the earth.

Pg… 80 JOURNEY In the foothills of the Andes, water is scarce. But in the tiny village of Chungungo, Chile, they have found a way to drink the sky.

Pg… 86 FACE TO FACE Nearly three decades after "The Sounds of Silence," songwriter Paul Simon is at the peak of his career?and still reinventing himself.

Pg… 96 AN AMERICAN PLACE. At the Alamo, Stephen Harrigan visits the ghosts of the "immortal heroes" who lost their lives dreaming of Texas independence

Pg… 100 MY OTHER LIFE Jay Leno still loves his wife, but certain European beauties have won his heart.

Pg… 103 HOW THINGS WORK It took an army of puppet builders, scores of sets and 108,000 photos to make Batman director Tim Burton's holiday nightmare come to life.

Pg… 106 ON THE JOB He's been in the business 22 years, but this entrepreneur is still taking a beating.

Pg… 108 SIGHTS UNSEEN Here's the dirt on a prehistoric phenomenon that most people wish would disappear for good.


Pg… 112 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph by Jeanne Moutoussamy–Ashe

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