LIFE Magazine November 3, 1972

LIFE Magazine November 3, 1972 Joe Namath New York Jets Football


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Pg… 36 Pain Pays the Bill for the Good Life: Joe Namath Aches but the Rewards are Sweet Pg… 57 Lord Porn: The Earl of Longford, an Acknowledged Prig Since His School Days, Shakes British Society by Leading a Battle Against “Filth” Pg… 63 I’m Imus, I’m the Best: The Most Outrageous Disc Jockey Around Talks His Way to the Top Pg… 75 One Man’s Legacy: Photographer Larry Burrows Recalled in a Book of His Pictures Pg… 84 Presidents’ Kids: A Very Exclusive Club has 22 Surviving Members Pg… 51 Drug War on the Border Pg… 81 Challenge to the Olympics Pg… 82 Moonlight Sculpture Pg… 4 Departments: Beat of Life Pg… 12 Departments: Editorials Pg… 16–22 Departments: Reviews Pg… 32 Departmetns: 20 Years Ago In ‘Life’ Pg… 35 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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