LIFE Magazine October 11, 1963

LIFE Magazine October 11, 1963 Mme. Nhu and daughter in Vietnam


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Wheat Deal, a Political Plus

Pg… 4 Editorials: Sagacious End of Profumo Affair

Pg… 9 Fight Against Crippled Missile: Brave Men in a Hole Try to Keep an Atlas from Blowing Up. Special Report by Richard B. Stolley

Pg… 19 LIFE Guide: Sophisticated Way to Watch Football: Where the Next Pro Stars Are

Pg… 21 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 22 The Climax in Vietnam: McNamara's Big Team Probes the Mess, the U.S. Talks Tough and the Bewitching America–Bound Nhu Girls Prepare to Talk Back

Pg… 30 U.S. Wheat for Russia?: Canada Pours Grain Into Soviet Ships and Our Farmers Say We Should Do the Same

Pg… 34 People in the News: Pope Paul Says Christians Should Unite; Supreme Court Justices Meet in California

Pg… 34B A Dancing Elephant Dies: An Angry Crowd Enrages a Runaway

Pg… 39 The South's Terror Bombers: They Call Themselves Nacirema?American Spelled Backward

Pg… 44 Tonga's Round Stamps: Tiny Nation Also has Unique Gold Money

Pg… 49 Solid Gasoline: Gas Bricks You Can Squeeze Into Your Gas Tank

Pg… 55 Udall Climbs Kilimanjaro: The Secretary Conquers Africa's Highest Peak and Writes Story of How He Did It

Pg… 68 Queen Bee of the High School: Part II of LIFE'S Series: The High School Years Tells of the Golden Girl Who is not the Big Success She Seems to be. Photographed for LIFE by Steve Schapiro

Pg… 88 Theft of Boston Goddess: Art Thieves are Busier All Over U.S.

Pg… 96 Stan Musial's Last Day: Memories of a Great Career Flood Back as He Finally Leaves the Game. By William Heinz

Pg… 100 Moon Flight with Russians: An Engineer Shows how the Joint Trip Can be Done?More Economically, More Speedily and Without Anybody Giving Up Secrets

Pg… 105 Zero Calorie Diet: In a Clinic for Foodaholics a 315–Pound Woman Eats Nothing for 117 Days and Loses 116 Pounds. By Shana Alexander

Pg… 113 Walter Hard, Vermont Poet: A Down–to–Earth Writer Eyes His Neighbors in a Wise New Book. A Sampling of His Poems

Pg… 120 Fine Movie of "Tome Jones": The 18th Century Masterpiece Comes Alive in a New Film with Albert Finney?Who Also Plays Martin Luther in a New Broadway Smash Success

Pg… 128 Miscellany: Check Your Water, Mister?

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