LIFE Magazine October 16, 1939

LIFE Magazine October 16, 1939 Nazi German U-boat 35


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Pg… 17 Pan–American Parley Bars War From Western Hemisphere Pg… 22 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World Pg… 23 Another World Series: 60,000 Fans Watch the Yankees Beat the Reds Pg… 26 Ickes–Johnson Debate: How to Save Democracy in War Pg… 28 Hitler Reviews Victorious German Army From Piano Pg… 29 Ambassador Biddle Flees Poland After Race Against Death from German Warplanes Pg… 30 Supreme Court Calls on President Pg… 57 Kids to the Country: Some of England’s Evacuated City Children Like Nature and Some Don’t Pg… 47 A San Francisco Lad Hitch–hikes Across Continent in 12 days Pg… 67 “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” Pg… 86 Football Fun: College Kids Show How to Have It Pg… 35 British Blue Book Gives Diplomatic Inside on Events that Led to War Pg… 79 War on U–Boats: British Fight Submarines Like Indians Pg… 80 England Guards Its Sea Lanes by Conveys, Mines, Planes, Bombs Pg… 82 Submarine Detection: Destroys Locate Them with Hydrophones Pg… 84 Q–Boats: Disguised as Harmless Tramp, It Turns into U–Boat Killer Pg… 4 Letters to the Editors Pg… 10 Speaking of Pictures: 1940 Autos Make Their Bow Pg… 100 LIFE Goes to a Texas Fashion Show Pg… 106 Pictures to the Editors

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