LIFE Magazine October 18, 1963

LIFE Magazine October 18, 1963 The Case of a New Anastasia


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Hold Your Nose at Bobby Kennedy's Pork

Pg… 4 Editorials: But Listen to His Canary

Pg… 13 LIFE Guide: Educational TV Broadens Its Field; Swords, Fiddles and Tiny Trains

Pg… 25 Advice to Curler–Users: Baffled Home Hair–Doers Write the Editor for Help. Special Report by William K. Zinsser

Pg… 32 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 34 Killer Hurricane: Deadly Flora Rakes Haiti and Parks Over Cuba

Pg… 44 Haile Selasie at the U.N.: The Lion of Judah Raises a Ghost of the Past

Pg… 44B Events of the Week: Mao Tse–Tung Talks Tough for "Peace."

Pg… 49 Dominican Republic Coup: Army Throws Out President Bosch as U.S.–Backed Reforms Flop

Pg… 52 Items in the News: Russia's Space Woman is Betrothed to a Fellow Cosmonaut. Lena Horne Raises $150,000.

Pg… 52 Items in the News: Bergen's Charlie McCarthy Turns 40.

Pg… 57 Space–Age Sentries in a Cave: Underground Shelter Will Protect Missile Detectors

Pg… 64 Masterpiece of Martyrdom: Boston Museum Pays $500,000 for a Gruesomely Beautiful Painting

Pg… 69 Russian Circus Comes to U.S.: A One–Ring Barrel of Fun has the Brainiest Bear Act

Pg… 78 Brash British Designers: New Styles from London will Give American Girls the Chelsea Look

Pg… 89 The Durants Do It Again: Spry Old Pair Put Out Another Volume in Their Famous History. By Jim Hicks

Pg… 97 Desperate Drama in a River: A Car Plunges Into the Rapids and Rescuers Try to Extricate Its Elderly Occupants

Pg… 104A Case of a New Anastasia: A Lady from Chicago Claims She is the Czar's Daughter. Cover Photograph Shows the Grand Duchess Anastasia with Her Sisters and Brother

Pg… 114 Battle Within Catholicism: Standing Against the Old Guard, the Pope Seeks to Modernize the Church. By John T. Elson

Pg… 133 The No–Fix Quiz: A Cloak–and–Dagger Operation Keeps TV Show Honest but It Flops. By Chris Welles

Pg… 139 Tony Randall Changes Face: Funnyman Makes Himself Into a Chamber of Horrors

Pg… 143 Dry Run for Dowsers: LIFE Goes to a Water–Diviners' Convention in Vermont

Pg… 146 Miscellany: The Brave Catador

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