LIFE Magazine October 1979

LIFE Magazine October 1979 Dolly Parton


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Pg… 4 Editor’s Note Pg… 9 Windows Last Stand in Wartime Warsaw Pg… 18 Letters Pg… 23 Portrait: Alan Alda By Thomas Thompson Pg… 27 The Republican Rush Is On A scouting report on the 1980 campaign Pg… 34 Home, Home on Big John’s Range A visit to the Connally ranch in Floresville. Texas Pg… 43 A Poisoned Town Dioxin is the dangerous by–product of a herbicide factory in Arkansas Pg… 53 Tiny Is Big Trade in miniatures is becoming a substantial business Pg… 59 The Class of the Class of ’83 Top high school athletes make their plays in college Pg… 67 The Falcon and the Snowman Two dishonorable schoolboys steal secrets for the KGB By Robert Lindsey Pg… 86 What Horses Say to Horses Robert Vavra’s photographic album of equine body language Pg… 95 Sunlight Art A Kansas Cit y artist creates a shimmering environment Pg… 104 Six Who Came Home The tint orgettable laces of Vietnam?then and now Pg… 117 Rock ‘n’ Rolling Stock Loretta Lynn, Conway Twit ty, Dolly Parton and company travel in high gear on superbuses Pg… 125 Feasts from the Deep Japanese food boom in the U.S. has gourmets praising the delicacies of sashimi and sushi Pg… 131 Cowboy Redford Is All Lit Up In The Elect ric Horseman. he’s outrageously outlined Pg… 134 Life Around the World Harsh Reprisals in Iran Pg… 136 Life Around the World A Saturn Newly Seen Pg… 138 Life Around the World With a Big Lift from David 140 Life Around the World Mountbatten: The Last of a Breed Pg… 142 Life Around the World A Sudden Run on the Banks Pg… 144 Just One More

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