LIFE Magazine October 1981

LIFE Magazine October 1981 Marilyn Monroe


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Pg… 4 editor’s note That. Pg… 7 The View from Here: a dangerous gift of recall, by Loudon Wainwright. Pg… 9 Camera at Work: the saving of lost genius Eugene AtGet Pg… 20 letters That. Pg… 33 Portrait: Mark J. Millard, the quiet diplomat of the big deal, by John Brooks. Pg… 40 The Endless Wake: the I.R.A. hunger strike carries on and age–old, bitter struggle Pg… 53 Your Plug–In Pal: can any home in America afford to be without a small computer? By Jed Horne Pg… 63 The Ice Frontier: Explorers are penetrating the frozen shield that guards the riches of the Arctic by Jeff Wheelwright. Pg… 81 The Empire Strikes Back: on screen and stage, a trove of British delights. Pg… 88 An American Family Retraces Mao’s Long March through China:by Zbigniew Brzezinski Pg… 101 Living It up at 100: Mabel Rubshaw celebrates a busy century full of fun Pg… 110 Island Paradise for Dope Runners: Jamaica gets rich off U.S. market Pg… 120 Is This the Next Million–Dollar Face? Best–selling beauties. Pg… 129 Beating the Bugs: scientists seek to pit insect against insect. Pg… 136 FOOFS: the friends of old film count their treasure in the relics of movie history, by Jim Watters Pg… 148 Life around the World: Saturn’s countless rings trigger multicolor mysteries. Pg… 154 Just One More : Cover: Marilyn Monroe––George Zeno collection, Lana Turner––Lou Valentino collection, Joan Crawford––courtesy of the Museum of Modern Art, New York

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