LIFE Magazine October 1994

LIFE Magazine October 1994 Why We Love Cats More Than Dogs


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Pg… 12 The Big Picture: Making sense of our muddied past; all Life Unfolds: Happy Anniversary to the hole that America's dig the most.

Pg… 26 Camera at Work: Having keenly captured life tougher side, Gordon Parks now turns gently to its softer aspects.

Pg… 38 Almanac: Woodrow Wilson, presented as a man of men; life is a cabaret; a starlet grows up; and an outlaw is remembered fondly.

Pg… 48 The Way will We Live: At what may be the best high school in America, the brilliance of the students is matched only by the intense pressure they face.

Pg… 64 LIFE Special: They each found justice–and life–after a death sentence. But can these five people reclaim their stolen lives?

Pg… 76 Discovery: Are dogs better than cats? Cats better than dogs? A married couple square off, and a collection of some famous pet lovers join them in the ring.

Pg… 90 Journey: Drought and poverty have forced yet another pilgrimage in the endless exodus of the old colony Mennonites, who struggle to preserve their centuries–old way of life.

Pg… 98 An American Place: The majestic cliffs of Big Sur have inspired beatniks, wanderers and a community of Benedictine monks.

Pg… 100 How Things Work: Bee fashion: dressing for work in colors that set you apart from the crowd.

Pg… 103 Pictures to the Editor.

Pg… 104 Just One More. : Cover photomontage by Harry Benson

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