LIFE Magazine October 5, 1962

LIFE Magazine October 5, 1962 Jackie Gleason and Sue Ann Langdon


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Pg… 34 STORY OF THE WEEK: G.O.P. Hopes, New Stars and Young Scions: the Campaigns Get Cracking

Pg… 34 STORY OF THE WEEK: Pennsylvaniazapoppin?That's the Spirit that Sets the Merry Pace. By Keith Wheeler

Pg… 4 EDITORIAL: Is Your Candidate Just a Local Boy?

Pg… 76 COLOR SPECTACLE: Children's Fashions from Hans Christian Andersen. Photographed for LIFE by Milton H. Greene

Pg… 100A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Fanfare for the Opening of Lincoln Center

Pg… 53 ARTICLES OF THE WEEK: Cuba?and the Unfaced Truth: Our Global Double Bind. By Clare Boothe Luce

Pg… 119 ARTICLES OF THE WEEK: Your Most Important Hour Each Year: the Physical Exam. By Warren R. Young

Pg… 134 RELIGION: From Its Ruins a New Coventry Rises

Pg… 61 DEPARTMENTS: Science: Pigeon's Sight Serves Man

Pg… 69 DEPARTMENTS: Close–Up: Robert Moses: Disputatious Dirt–Mover

Pg… 93 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: Former Heavyweight Champs Talk It Over: Can an Ex–Con Save a Dying Sport?

Pg… 111 DEPARTMENTS: Entertainment: and Away We Go?Again

Pg… 131 DEPARTMENTS: Youth: Whiz–Bang Jazz Baby

Pg… 16 DEPARTMENTS: Specail Report: Windy Hussy, Get Lost. By William Jay Gold

Pg… 25 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Guide to Theater, Books, Photography, Art, Nature, Music, Festivals, Science

Pg… 33 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 142 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Prone to Disagree

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