LIFE Magazine October 9, 1939

LIFE Magazine October 9, 1939 Kids’ Football


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Pg… 21 New War Fails to Panic Veterans of Old One

Pg… 26 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 27 Queen Elizabeth Looks Over London's Air–Raid Precautions

Pg… 28 Germany and Britain Present Conflicting Evidence on Plane vs. Battleship

Pg… 29 Two British Flying Boats Rescue Crew of Torpedoed Tramp Steamer

Pg… 30 Heroic Polish Defense of Westerplatte Ends as Nazi Mop–up of Poland Begins

Pg… 32 How the Germans Overran Poland in Four Weeks

Pg… 80 Edouard Daladier

Pg… 70 The Low Countries: Belgium and The Netherlands Are Ready to Fight with Guns and Floods

Pg… 63 "Hollywood Cavalcade"

Pg… 58 Best Young Baseballers are Owned by Yankee Farm System

Pg… 52 A Great Newspaper Builds a Great Art Museum: The William Roakhill Nelson Gallery

Pg… 37 Technicians Design Model Rockets Hoping for Transatlantic Flight

Pg… 81 Four–year–old boy becomes Dalai Lama of Tibet

Pg… 45 Oldtime Country Square Dancing Returns to Fashion in Big Cities

Pg… 50 Bunchy Necklaces Are Worn to Balance Bustles

Pg… 4 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 12 Speaking of Pictures: Marlene Dietrich Hit's a New High in Movie Roughhouse

Pg… 78 People

Pg… 90 LIFE Goes to a Kids' Football Game

Pg… 94 Pictures to the Editors

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