LIFE Magazine September 1994

LIFE Magazine September 1994 THE ENDANGERED 100


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Pg… 16 The Big Pitcher: And things on earth–and beyond. LIFE UNFOLDS: How one family manages to keep its unlikely house going

Pg… 26 Camera at Work: A series of self–portraits shows the faces of five master photographers–and provides a glimpse of the soul within.

Pg… 34 Some musical legends get a stamp of approval; another faces middle–aged crisis; and a scholar learns it doesn't pay to have all the answers.

Pg… 40 capital face to capital face: capital filmmaker Ken Burns made history come alive with his series on the civil war. He's about to do it again with baseball.

Pg… 50 Discovery: A haunting portfolio of a hundred endangered species is a stark reminder of the irreplaceable treasures that may soon be lost forever.

Pg… 66 Journey: This eight–year–old boy likes computers, Star Wars and Bugs Bunny. According to Tibetan Buddhists, he's also the reincarnation of the Dalai Lama's teacher.

Pg… 77 LIFE Special: Hundreds of thousands have died. The country is in ruins. Eyewitness photos of the horrors in Rwanda.

Pg… 83 An American Place: Home of majestic Mt. McKinley, Alaska's Denali national Park is a remote landscape of true wilderness.

Pg… 86 Powell Things Work: Behind–the–scenes drama: Bart Simpson gets real.

Pg… 89 Teachers to the Editor.

Pg… 90 Just One More. : cover photograph by Susan Middleton and David Liittschwager

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