LIFE Magazine September 4, 1944

LIFE Magazine September 4, 1944 Cordell Hull


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Pg… 19 The Week's Events: The French Get Back Their Freedom

Pg… 20 The Week's Events: The Girl Partisan of Chartres, by Jack Belden

Pg… 24 The Week's Events: Revolutionary History of Paris

Pg… 26 The Week's Events: Editorial: Paris

Pg… 27 The Week's Events: New York Celebrates Premature Fall of Paris

Pg… 28 The Week's Events: Which Are the Prettiest?

Pg… 30 The Week's Events: Dumbarton Oaks Conference

Pg… 35 The Week's Events: Liberation Will Find Greeks Ready, by Bernard Perlin

Pg… 79 The Week's Events: Trader Vic's

Pg… 63 Articles: Korea

Pg… 94 Articles: The World From Rome, by William C. Bullitt

Pg… 85 Photographic Essay: Television

Pg… 56 Art: American Symbols

Pg… 41 Education: Reunion of Class of 1886

Pg… 73 Movies: Newcomer Jeanne Crain

Pg… 49 Science: RDX

Pg… 71 Science: Lithium

Pg… 2 Other Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 12 Other Departments: Speaking of Pictures: Eisenstaedt Has a 15th Anniversary

Pg… 110 Other Departments: LIFE Calls on Mrs. Bricker

Pg… 114 Other Departments: Pictures to the Editors

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