LIFE Magazine Spring 1992

LIFE Magazine Spring 1992 The Big Board An Inside Look at the New York Stock Exchange / Collectors Edition


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Pg… 5 THE NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE: A photographer's Wall Street portfolio by David Burnett

Pg… 17 viewpoint That: The Human Element… by Bruce Duffy.

Pg… 20 Americas Bank: From the Buttonwood tree to program trading, the highs and lows of 200 years by Roger Morrow.

Pg… 30 Shareholders 1: The Old Boy Network.

Pg… 32 The Brokers Life: The stakes rise when you're using other people's money

Pg… 40 Shareholders 2: Whiz Kids.

Pg… 43 The Dow: What the magic number really means

Pg… 46 Insiders: It takes all kinds to make a market

Pg… 55 Viewpoint: Lessons of the Eighties by John Rothchild

Pg… 56 The Last Five Minutes of the Day: The pressure builds up when the clock winds down

Pg… 60 Going Public: A proud founder looks on in a stock is born

Pg… 66 Shareholders 3: Heavy Hitters.

Pg… 68 Door to Door: For a broker in the country, it's impossible to make too many calls

Pg… 75 Wrong Numbers: On the Trail of insider trading by Sue Allison

Pg… 81 Viewpoint: Backing into the Future by Raymond F. Devoe Jr..

Pg… 82 Up 800 Tugrik in Heavy Trading: Welcome to the Mongolian stock exchange, where there's a shareholder in every yurt

Pg… 88 Shareholders 4: The Big Score. : Cover photograph by David Burnett

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