LIFE Magazine Summer 1984

LIFE Magazine Summer 1984 Olympics Special Issue


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Pg… 6 The Challenge of the Games Indelible moments of tradition, anguish. spectacle and reward

Pg… 18 A Primer for Viewers Judges explain those numerical scores for gymnasts and divers

Pg… 24 1904: St. Louis When the Heartland put on a homegrown? and unremembered?Olympics

Pg… 31 Voices The victors and the vanquished

Pg… 32 Olympic Sports Go In & Out Mg–of–war and the standing broad jump have been replaced by boardsailing and synchronized swimming

Pg… 38 The Women Who Won Barred from the Games at first, female athletes have progressed from lawn tennis to their first marathon

Pg… 48 American Excellence A stars–and–stripes portfolio of potential U.S. medal winners by Co Rentmeester 70 For God, for England?for Winnie A stirring talc of love and triumph at the 1932 L.A. Olympics from the diary of star runner Tom Hampson

Pg… 76 Olympic Originals A panoply of Gamesmanship?the patriotism, romance, Hollywood spin–offs

Pg… 86 The Quest for a Perfect 10 The decathlon is the supreme ordeal, and Britain's Daley Thompson is the favorite

Pg… 92 A Colossus of Collectibles A California couple boasts the world's largest collection of Olympic memorabilia

Pg… 100 Arenas of Conflict In the past and again this year, the Games have been marred by disputes over politics, professionalism, drugs and officiating

Pg… 110 Legends 10 unforgettable Olympians : Cover: Mary Decker (by Jerry Wachter) is the 3.000 meter favorite: pole vaulter Bob Richards won gold's in '52 and '56

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