LIFE Magazine April 6, 1962

LIFE Magazine April 6, 1962 Your Money Special Issue Personal Finance


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Pg… 17 SPECIAL REPORT: Kids have all the Loot?by Robert Paul Smith

Pg… 24 LIFE GUIDE: How to Borrow, Meet College Needs, Prepare to Retire


Pg… 34 EDITORIAL: The Not so Almighty Dollar

Pg… 36 HERE COMES THE MONEY: And There It Goes in Bluffton, Ind.

Pg… 55 TIGHTWARD OR SHOW–OFF: Chart Tells what Kind of Miser or Spender You Are

Pg… 61 MONEY DOCTOR: An Expert Prescribes for Sick Budgets

Pg… 66 DECORATING FOR ALMOST NOTHING: How to Make Things Every Home Needs More Of

Pg… 77 MILLIONAIRE'S TAX: 1961 Return Shows the Way a Rich Man Gets Along

Pg… 86 HOUSE–HUNTING: A Family Makes Its Biggest Money Decision

Pg… 96 MONEY IN THE NEWS: The Bold Leaders of U.S. Industry?The Weeping Beauties?A $50,000 Beating?A $10,000 Fish?An $11,000 Dishpan

Pg… 107 HOBO'S FINANCES: Willie McDavid Finds Serenity on $400 a Year

Pg… 114 HOW HIDDEN TAXES HIT YOU: They Take More than You Think?by Ernest Havemann

Pg… 127 PARIS FASHION COPIES: U.S. Offers Bargains in Cash–and–Carry Couture

Pg… 134 MISCELLANY: A Cub Caught Without a Coin

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