LIFE Magazine August 1, 1938

LIFE Magazine August 1, 1938 Garment Workers at Play


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Pg… 9 France Greets England: King George In Paris

Pg… 14 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 15 Tank at Refinery Fire Drops Death on Three

Pg… 16 High Heaven Burned Out by Forest Fire

Pg… 18 China's German Military Advisers Go Home

Pg… 20 Senate Investigates an Old Labor Riot

Pg… 21 A New Labor Riot in North Chicago

Pg… 22 Vanderbilts Honeymoon, Tones Split, Earle Kisses Wife

Pg… 40 This Summer's Debs Become Next Winter's Glamour Girls

Pg… 54 World's Fair Theme: A Six–Minute Look into the Future

Pg… 42 International Ladies' Garment Workers: How a Great Union Works

Pg… 24 Harvard Professor Records Crickets' Love Songs

Pg… 26 Simon Lake Recalls His Early Submarines

Pg… 28 Harold Lloyd: His Home and His Gags

Pg… 35 Angkor: The East's Finest Rains

Pg… 2 Speaking of Pictures–Ruth St. Denis

Pg… 6 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 58 LIFE Goes to a Party with England's Lord Chief Justice

Pg… 62 Pictures to the Editors

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