LIFE Magazine August 1, 1969

LIFE Magazine August 1, 1969 Ted Kennedy Chappaquiddick


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Pg… 2 The Presidency: The Magic Carpet of Presidents. By Hugh Sidey Pg… 4 Gallery: The Poetic Imagery of Photographer T. Tanuma Pg… 8–12 Reviews: Book: “H. G. Wells,” by Lovat Dickson, Reviewed by C. P. Snow Pg… 8–12 Reviews: Theater: Al Carmines and “Promenade,” Reviewed by Stefan Kanfer Pg… 8–12 Reviews: Movie: “Castle Keep,” with Burt Lancaster, Reviewed by Richard Schickel Pg… 16A Letters to the Editors Pg… 16B Incident at Dyke Bridge: The Pressures of Ted Kennedy’s Career and Character Come to a Crossroad. By Brock Brower. Photographed by John Loengard and Ted Polumbaum Pg… 28 The Moonshoot: Watching it All at Home, the Astronauts’ Families Coaxed Them On Pg… 32 Threatened America: In a World of Pollution, Trash, Smog, Sprawl, Noise and Ugliness, the Wild Lands Struggle to Survive. Text by Donald Jackson. Photographed by Grey Villet Pg… 44 Movies: A Star is Born?at Last. Sophia Loren’s New Baby Gets a Part in His Parents’ Latest Film Pg… 46 A Lovely War for Profiteers: In a Black Market, Vietnamese and Americans Do a Flourishing Business in Corruption. By Frank McCulloch Pg… 51 Special Report: The Panic in TV Censorship. As Congress Questions Its Morality, the Industry Chokes Up. By Joan Barthel Pg… 56 Ideas in Houses: No. 40: Revival of a Southern Showpiece. New Heights and Depths Behind a Gingerbread Fa?ade in New Orleans Pg… 62 Miscellany

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