LIFE Magazine July 18, 1969

LIFE Magazine July 18, 1969 Youth Communes


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Pg… 2 The Presidency: A Sudden Shift in the Capital Mood. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 6–12 Reviews: Movie: "Last Summer," Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 6–12 Reviews: Book: "You Must Know Everything," by Isaac Babel, Reviewed by Robert Phelps

Pg… 6–12 Reviews: TV: The Emmy Awards, Reviewed by John Leonard

Pg… 16A Letters to the Editors

Pg… 16B The Youth Communes: Refugees from Affluence, Young Pioneers Flee Society to Seek?from the Land and One Another?a New Life. Photographed by John Olson

Pg… 24 Science: What We Hope Apollo 11 will Tell Us About the Moon

Pg… 28 Editorials: Why the Latins Don't Love Us

Pg… 28 Editorials: $3.6 Billion Ain't Hay

Pg… 32 Special Report: Decalcomania Over the American Flag

Pg… 34 Is Venice Doomed?: Sinking Below the Sea, Ravaged by Pollution and Floods, the Treasured City Could Perish Altogether. Photographed by David Lees

Pg… 44 Newsfronts: A Cry of Grief for Tom Mboya

Pg… 44B The Making of the President

Pg… 1968 Part 2: How International Intrigue Left Nixon at Humphrey's Mercy?the Strangest Incident of the Entire Campaign. By Theodore H. White

Pg… 54 Vanishing Wildlife: The Struggle to Save the Giant Sea Turtle

Pg… 59 Books: Up Against the Peter Principle. By Jane Howard

Pg… 60 Miscellany

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