LIFE Magazine May 23, 1969

LIFE Magazine May 23, 1969 Rowan and Martin Laugh-In


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Pg… 4 The Presidency: Eyeball to Eyeball with the Monster. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 9–22 Reviews: Movie: "Lola Montes," Directed by Max Ophuls, Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 9–22 Reviews: Book: "Real People," by Alison Lurie, Reviewed by Thomas Rogers

Pg… 9–22 Reviews: Music: "Nashville Skyline," by Bob Dylan, Reviewed by Albert Goldman

Pg… 9–22 Reviews: Comment: Form–Persuaded Girls. By William Zinsser

Pg… 28A Letters to the Editors

Pg… 28B Column: Wanted: New Heads for Old Ivy. By Russell Baker

Pg… 28D Dilemma of Military Dissent: Rebels in the Ranks of U.S. Servicemen Protest Against the Vietnam War and Attack "the System." Photographed by John Olson

Pg… 28D Dilemma of Military Dissent: General Lew Wait: "When Discipline Goes, Men Die Needlessly." By Frank McCulloch

Pg… 38 On the Newsfronts of the World: End of the Fortas Affair

Pg… 38 On the Newsfronts of the World: Mississippi Smiles on Charles Evers

Pg… 42 Editorial: Campus Reform: the Faculty Role

Pg… 47 Special Report: Out Go the Beloved Saints. By Jordan Bonfante

Pg… 48 Sports: Racing Driver Sam Posey?"You Can Go as Fast as Your Mind Lets You." by Charles Coe

Pg… 54 Rowan and Werewolf: Rowan and Martin, the "Laugh–In" Team, Move Into a New Medium and a New Mood?Horror. By Dick Adler. Photographed by Mark Kauffman

Pg… 60B Politics: The Short, Hapless Life of a Presidential Speechwriter. By Peter Benchley. Drawings by James Flora

Pg… 69 Jim Brown, Psych Artist: The Man has Presence, so Who Cares if He Can Act? By Richard Woodley

Pg… 80 Science: World's Largest Solar Furnace is a Hillside of Mirrors and a Curve to Capture the Sun

Pg… 85 Dateline America: All–Pro Miniconglomerate. By David Snell

Pg… 88 Miscellany

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