LIFE Magazine February 21, 1969

LIFE Magazine February 21, 1969 President Nixon on Key Biscayne


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Pg… 8–14 Reviews: Book: "If Israel Lost the War," by Chasnoff, Klein & Little, Reviewed by Uri Avnery

Pg… 8–14 Reviews: Movie: "Mayerling," with Omar Sharif and Catherine Deneuve, Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 8–14 Reviews: Art: Harlem on My Mind, Reviewed by Jozefa Stuart

Pg… 18A Letters to the Editors

Pg… 18D Another View: "We're Rotten, Laura. Rotten to the Core." By Russell Baker

Pg… 20 Ghana Takes On the Russians: A Little African Country Seizes Two Soviet Vessels and Their Crews. Text and Photographs by Don Carl Steffen

Pg… 26 Winter White House: Preparing for His European Trip, President Nixon Takes a Holiday at Key Biscayne and Finds "a Good Place to Think." Photographed by George Silk and Lynn Pelham

Pg… 32 Editorials: "Time to Decentralize"?but How?

Pg… 32 Editorials: A Sure–Footed Step

Pg… 36 Close–Up: Italian Journalist Orina Fallaci: "I Make Scenes, and Yell and Scream, I Do Almost Anything to Get a Story." By Richard Stolley

Pg… 42 After Bernstein Who?: A Portfolio of the New Generation of Conductors Who are Rising in the Wake of the New York Philharmonic's Retiring Leader. Photographed by Alfred Eisenstaedt. "I've Done What I was Supposed to Do." By Thomas Thompson

Pg… 58 The Great Oil Slick: Runaway Well Off the California Coast Creates Grotesque Beauty and Possibly Another "Dead Sea." Photographed by Vernan Merritt

Pg… 62D Mao's Troubled Ark: As the Great Cultural Revolution Dies Away in China, what is Left? Confusion, by Allen S. Whiting

Pg… 70 Ideas in Houses: No. 35: An Odd Grotto for a Caribbean Getaway.

Pg… 75 Science: Researchers Build a Huge Centrifuge to Study Weightlessness. By Marion Steinmann

Pg… 78 Miscellany

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