LIFE Magazine May 2, 1969

LIFE Magazine May 2, 1969 Judy Collins


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Pg… 4 The Presidency: A Good–Humored Approach to Frugality. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 8–12 Reviews: Book: "Lillian Gish: The Movies, Mr. Griffith and Me," by Lillian Gish with Ann Pinchot, Reviewed by Tom Prideaux

Pg… 8–12 Reviews: Movie: "The Red and the White," Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 14A Column: Seashells from East and West. By John Bartlow Martin

Pg… 16 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 20 Guns Come to Cornell: With a Show of Rifles and Shotguns the Student Revolt Escalates. "We're not an Act of Goodwill?We're a Reality." By Charles Childs

Pg… 28 The Governor and the Mobster: Communication of Mafioso Thomas (Yonnie) Licavoli's Sentence by Ohio Governor James Rhodes Raises a Cloud of Scandal. By Denny Walsh

Pg… 32B Editorials: A Harsh Verdict on Courtroom Psychiatry

Pg… 32B Editorials: The First 100 Days of Spiro Agnew

Pg… 34 Science: You had Better Be Kind to "This" Four–Legged Friend

Pg… 40A Entertainment: An Interview with Singer Judy Collins: "I've Looked at Life from Both Sides Now"

Pg… 48 A Summer House: The Magic of an Old Farm and the Family that Makes It a Home. Photographed by John Loengard

Pg… 58A Special Report: Miss Devlin of Northern Ireland, 22, Triumphs in Parliament

Pg… 61 Business: How to Make a Buck with Dimes and Quarters. By Thomas Powers

Pg… 64 Great Dinners: Part 61: Seafood and Cream in a Spaghetti for All Nations. Photograph by Henry Groskinksy. It All Starts with a Hot Bath. By Eleanor Graves

Pg… 69 Nature: Plastic Animals Fool Real Ones in Africa

Pg… 72 Miscellany

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