LIFE Magazine January 31, 1969

LIFE Magazine January 31, 1969 Nixon Inauguration


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Pg… 4 The Presidency: The Man with the Four–Button Phone. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 8–14 Reviews: Book: "The Valachi Papers," by Peter Maas, Reviewed by Russell Sackett

Pg… 8–14 Reviews: Music: "The Beatles," Reviewed by Alfred G. Aronowitz

Pg… 8–14 Reviews: Television: Football and Television, Reviewed by John Leonard

Pg… 16A Letters to the Editors

Pg… 16B Another View: Who's Left to do the Dishes? By John Bartlow Martin

Pg… 18 The Inauguration: Rhetoric Meets Reality: President Nixon's Inaugural Address Set Against the Realities of Washington, D.C.

Pg… 32 Editorials: Inviting an "Era of Negotiation"

Pg… 32 Editorials: Black Moods On the Campus

Pg… 36 Close–Up: Chuck Dederich, Mr. Synanon. By Sally O'Quin

Pg… 42 Hello Bali: With a Brand New Airport, the Legendary Indonesian Island with be Just a Jet Trip Away. Photographed by Co Rentmeester. A Place That's Good to Its Guests and Its Gods. By Mary Leatherbee

Pg… 60 Modern Living: The Snowmobile Slews Across the Land

Pg… 67 Special Report: An Unlikely Monk Named Brother Alexis Transforms a Texas High School. By William A. McWhirter

Pg… 72 Great Dinners: Part 58: Savory Swiss Fondue, a Congenial Caldron of Cheese. By Eleanor Graves

Pg… 76 Entertainment: A New Wave of Sex Epics Makes Actress Anne Heywood a Star

Pg… 78 Miscellany

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