LIFE Magazine August 15, 1969

LIFE Magazine August 15, 1969 Inflation Economy Dollar Squeeze


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Pg… 4 Gallery: Photographer Bruce Davidson in Spanish Harlem

Pg… 12–14 Reviews: Opera: "The Devils of Loudon," by Krzysztof Penderecki, Reviewed by Paul Moor

Pg… 12–14 Reviews: Book: "Yellow Back Radio Broke–Down," by Ishmael Reed, Reviewed by Webster Schott

Pg… 12–14 Reviews: Movie: "Medium Cool," Directed by Haskell Wexler, Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 16A Letters to the Editors

Pg… 16B Column: The Good Things that Undone Poor Gum. By Russell Baker

Pg… 18 The Dollar Squeeze: The LIFE Poll by Louis Harris Reveals that a Broad Public Revolt Over Taxes and Inflation is in the Making. One Family Struggles Just to Stay Even. By Joe McGinniss

Pg… 30 Editorials: The Taxpayer and His Money: it Could be Better Spent and it Could be Better Collected

Pg… 32 Newsfronts: They Loved Nixon in Bucharest. The Stormy Wreck of the Paper Ship "Ra"

Pg… 38 Experiments in Marriage: Swedes and Danes Try Out Some Free–Wheeling Ideas About Group Families, Unwed Motherhood and "House–Husbands." Respectable Revolutionaries of Sex. By Michael Durham. Photographed by Enrico Sarsini

Pg… 48B Close–Up: It's Ecologist Ian McHarg vs. Us Anthropocentric Clods Who are Ruining the Land and Dooming Ourselves

Pg… 51 Nightmare in a California Jail: How a Law–Abiding Citizen, Who Wandered Into a Mass Arrest, was Threatened, Humiliated and Blackjacked. By Jesse P. Ritter Jr.

Pg… 56 Old Rome Alla Fellini: With His New Film "Satyricon," the Master Fantasist Makes "La Dolce Vita" Look Like Child's Play. A Life–Size Whale in Three Days?"It's Enough to Make You Cry." By Eileen Hughes

Pg… 62 Miscellany

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