LIFE Magazine August 21, 1970

LIFE Magazine August 21, 1970 Midi Skirt Fashion


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Pg… 22 The Midi Muscles In: It will Soon be Farewell to Knees and Maybe Even Calves if the Enemies of the Miniskirt Get Their Way. Photographed by John Dominis

Pg… 30 Slaughter at San Rafael: Four Men Stage a Bloody Breakout from a Courtroom: the Judge and Three of Them are Dead

Pg… 36 A King on a Stool of Gold: Nana Opoku Ware 11 is Installed as Head of the Ashanti Tribe

Pg… 38 Cease–Fire on the Suez: The Arab–Israeli Truce is a Tentative but Welcome Coup for American Diplomacy

Pg… 40 Waiting for Charlie: His "Family" Lives on at the Ranch While Manson Faces Murder Charges

Pg… 44 Flap Over Food: Affluent Americans are Eating Too Much of the Wrong Kinds of Food

Pg… 50 Anger on the Set: A Movie that Set Out to Study Racial Problems Finds that They Exist Backstage, Too. By Budd Schulberg

Pg… 60 Turning on with Alpha Waves: Listening to the Sound of Your Own Brain May Help You be at One with Zen

Pg… 62 Up in His Balloon: M. Allione Love to Float About France in His Montgolfier

Pg… 2B Departments: The Presidency: Marshaling the Good Guys. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 4 Departments: Gallery: Ellen Rogin's Strange Still Lifes

Pg… 8–12 Departments: Reviews: C. P. Snow's Novel, "Last Things," Reviewed by Maurice Edelman

Pg… 8–12 Departments: Reviews: Three Books About the "Pueblo" Incident, Reviewed by William A. McWhirter

Pg… 8–12 Departments: Reviews: The Sport of Kings at Saratoga, a Sports Review by Joe Flaherty

Pg… 21 Departments: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 66A Departments: Parting Shots: The Winds of Change in Unexpected Places

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