LIFE Magazine December 12, 1955

LIFE Magazine December 12, 1955 Neanderthal Bear Cult


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Pg… 26 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Union Labor Displays New Unity and a New High in Affluence as A.F. of L. and C.I.O. Merge

Pg… 36 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Berlin Reds Get Mean Again

Pg… 38 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A National Meeting on Schools Rings the Bell for Federal Aid

Pg… 40 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 49 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: In "Operation Pork Lift" Iowans Try to Bolster Fallen Hog Prices

Pg… 55 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Formerly a Bad Prison, Old Angola in Louisiana Goes Straight

Pg… 47 EDITORIAL: 1980's Shape of Things to Come

Pg… 76 PICTORIAL ESSAYS: The Epic of Man, Part II: The Dawn of Religion. Awed by the Phenomena of Nature, Man Evolved a Belief in Higher Powers and Rites to Honor the Spirit World. Text by Lincoln Barnett

Pg… 121 PICTORIAL ESSAYS: Underground Sweden: "Operation Granite" Builds the World's Best Shelters Against A–War

Pg… 137 ARTICLE: The Mystery of the "Joyita," a South Seas Charter Vessel that Turned Up mysteriously with Her Passengers and Crew Missing. By Leslie Hobbs

Pg… 63 RELIGION: Chicago Church has a Team of Four Specialized Ministers

Pg… 73 ANIMALS: Eugenie the Dugong, a Rare Sea Mammal, Keeps a Stiff Upper Lip in Captivity

Pg… 99 MODERN LIVING: Legless, Hanging Furniture Gives a Room an Airy Spaciousness

Pg… 105 FASHION: The Old–Fashioned Nightshirt Gets New Frills for the Ladies

Pg… 113 THEATER: Julie Harris Creates a Memorable Joan of Arc in "The Lark'

Pg… 129 SPORTS: Champion Carmon Basillo Does a Dramatic Rebound to Beat Challenger DeMarco

Pg… 132 TELEVISION: Buster Keaton Shoots a Good Old–Fashioned Two–Reeler for TV

Pg… 149 BOOKS: The Stately Old Plaza Hotel Harbors a Hellcat, Eloise

Pg… 157 SEQUEL: Outspoken Patrolman Jack Muller Gets a Beat in Chicago's Siberia

Pg… 158 PARTY: Hiking to Hounds: Maryland Bassets Lead Hunt in Futile Chase

Pg… 18 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: Frozen Fog Gives Dessertlike Effect to Mt. Spokane Landmarks

Pg… 20 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 160 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Missing the Duck

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