LIFE Magazine December 17, 1971

LIFE Magazine December 17, 1971 Children Special Double Issue


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Pg… 6B To Childhood: with Affection

Pg… 21 The Child: The Camera Reaches Into a Secret World

Pg… 44 Children's Books: Selma G. Lanes Reviews the Best of 1971

Pg… 46 Worlds Children Create: Drawings and Poems from Two Schools and an Explanation of the Creative Process by MIT's Dr. Thomas J. Cottle

Pg… 54 Showing and Telling in Photographs: The Camera is Used as a Teaching Tool

Pg… 63 Launching Healthy Children: Early Learning: A Child's Mind is Shaped Before Age 2. By Maya Pines

Pg… 68 Launching Healthy Children: Emotional Development: "Yes" to Love and Joyful Faces. By Vivian Cadden

Pg… 93 Launching Healthy Children: Physical Growth: 45 Crucial Months. By Barbara Wyden

Pg… 97 Launching Healthy Children: Family Size: What is the Right Number of Children? By Albert Rosenfeld

Pg… 101 Bowl Veterans at Age

Pg… 9 Pee Wee League Football

Pg… 104 Generations: The Old People Hand Along Their Legacies of Other Places and Times. Photographed by Max Waldman

Pg… 114 Is There a Magician in the House?: Kids Naturally Love Magic. By Tom Prideaux. Plus Tricks You Can Do Yourself

Pg… 122 The Wyeths' Christmas Magic: Three Generations of Famous Artists Celebrate the Yule. By Richard Meryman

Pg… 130 A Family of His Own: Donny, Age 9, is Adopted at Last. Photographed by Leonard McCombe. Text by Betty Dunn

Pg… 143 Bus Stop: The Morning Scene Anywhere in the U.S.

Pg… 146 Open Classrooms: The Concept Spreads in U.S. Schools. One Parent Endorsees "Classroom Chaos." By Paul Trachtman

Pg… 154A Roar, Lion, Roar!: A Theater Where Kids Take Over

Pg… 156 Hands: An Inky Game to Play. Illustrated by Bob Shein and Robert Tallon

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