LIFE Magazine December 1983

LIFE Magazine December 1983 Barbra Streisand


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note: In Search of Those Not Eager to Be Found

Pg… 9 The View from Here: Tomorrow's Long, Hot Summer's by Loudon Wainwright

Pg… 22 Letters.

Pg… 11 Camera at Work: Photographer Gregory Heisler Makes Lifelike Dolls Look Even More Alive.

Pg… 25 Special Report: Plague Watch, a Sudden Upsurge in of an Ancient Disease Alarms the Southwest by John Neary.

Pg… 32 Marines on Two Fronts: U.S. Fighting Men in Beirut in Grenada.

Pg… 45 Senator No: In North Carolina, Ultraconservative Senator Jesse Helms Faces a Tough Opponent: Governor James Hunt.

Pg… 54 Here Comes China: After 30 Years on the Sidelines, Chinese Athletes Get Set for the '84 Olympics

Pg… 62 An Angry Army Vs. Wasteful Weapons: Two Generals Oversee a Massive Cost–Cutting Campaign.

Pg… 70 Life Visits Prince Karim Aga Khan

Pg… 84 A Classic Duel with Rustlers: To Patrol Their Grazing Land, Wyoming Cattlemen Hire a Gunslinger

Pg… 91 Cleaning out the Attic: It Has Taken the Smithsonian Five Years to Inventory Its Collection of False Teeth, Rocket Boosters and 100 Million or so Other Items.

Pg… 102 Babies Having Babies: A Texas Adoption Agency Helps Young Unwed Mothers Find New Lives.

Pg… 116 Cover Story: Barbara, With Her New Film, Yentl, Streisand Puts Her Career on the Line by Anne Fadiman

Pg… 140 The Hermits: Living in Remote Areas of the U.S., Six Rugged Individualist Opt to Go It Alone

Pg… 153 Fanfare for a Trumpeter: New Orleans Father's Jazz Virtuoso Wynton Maralis Nine

Pg… 162 Prayers in Exile: A Russian Monastery, Gold Dome and All, Abides in Upstate New York.

Pg… 173 LIFE around the World: Tragedy in the Air over France… a Glimpse of a Lordly Domain… the Second Time around.

Pg… 180 Just One More. : Cover Photograph by Greg Gorman

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