LIFE Magazine December 1996

LIFE Magazine December 1996 The Mystery of Mary / The Mother of Jesus


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Pg… 10 The Big Picture: In Oregon Kidnapper Meets His Fate; in Hollywood, a Kiss Is Never Just a Kiss.

Pg… 24 LIFE Goes to…: Christmas around the World and Celebrates Its Marvelous Diversity.

Pg… 34 Almanac: A Reunion Tour Is Pure Monkey Business; at Last, Hardcopy and Santa's Reindeer.

Pg… 44 LIFE Special: A Meditation on the Mystery of Mary.

Pg… 62 Face–To–Face: One Person's Advice Can Make All the Difference, Even for Stars like Whitney Houston.

Pg… 74 First–Person: Every Father Daughter Relationship Is Special, but Some Are More Special Than Others.

Pg… 86 Discovery: This Brave New Heart Is a Mechanical Wonder That Just Keeps Pumping and Pumping and Pumping.

Pg… 88 The Way We Live: The Kindred Spirits of Pennsylvania's Bruderhof Community Share a Different Kind of Family Values.

Pg… 96 Camera at Work: A Railroad Buffs Hobby Gathers Steam.

Pg… 104 Just One More. : Cover. Mary Is More Beloved – and Controversial – They Ever. Photograph by Diane Cook and Len Jenshel

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