LIFE Magazine December 23, 1957

LIFE Magazine December 23, 1957 Information Officer with Monks in Laos Special 2-in-1 Issue


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Pg… 10 President and Other Leaders Go to NATO Meeting

Pg… 12 Secretary Dulles Writes Special Articles for "LIFE"

Pg… 18 Editorial: Our New and Vaster Frontier

Pg… 20 Map: The Nation's Worldwide Commitments

Pg… 22 U.S. Businessman on the Go in Europe

Pg… 26 Dam Builders Creating Power for Pakistan

Pg… 28 Getting the News Out of Moscow

Pg… 30 Hunt for South American Oil?10 Pages in Color

Pg… 78 $37 Billion in U.S. Investments in Five Continents: Paintings by Mitchell Jamieson

Pg… 41 SAC Keeps Vigil at Outposts in Spain and Africa

Pg… 47 Army Officers Advise Korean Military

Pg… 52 The Diplomatic Pacific Fleet?6 Pages in Color

Pg… 59 Family from Little Rock Settles Down in India

Pg… 66 "Look at the American Signora" ?Our Women Overseas: an Article by William Brinkley

Pg… 91 Minneapolis Boy's Summer in Japan

Pg… 95 Roving A.F.L.–C.I.O. Man in Europe

Pg… 98 A Bostonian Who Practices Hinduism

Pg… 100 The Man on the Cover: Hank Miller in Laos

Pg… 104 Artists and Future Priests Studying in Rome

Pg… 111 Astute Plan for New Embassies

Pg… 116 Big Embassy in Paris, Consulate in Somalia

Pg… 122 Anti–U.S. Feeling on Okinawa

Pg… 126 Technical Aid in Old Cambodia?7 Pages in Color

Pg… 134 Merchant Fleet Showing the Flag

Pg… 137 Missionary Healers of Bodies and Souls in Africa

Pg… 140 Laramie, Wyo. And Its Ties to the Wide World

Pg… 150 How We Look to Others: Article by Robert Coughlan

Pg… 159 Yanks Who Don't Go Home: Expatriates in Mexico

Pg… 167 Party in Old Country, in This Case, Sweden

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