LIFE Magazine February 1980

LIFE Magazine February 1980 Mary Astor and Other Lost Hollywood Stars

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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 8 Windows: Lake Placid has a long tradition of wintry games

Pg… 12 Letters.

Pg… 19 Portrait: Dr. John Stehlin by Jeff Wheelwright.

Pg… 22 Were These Men Killers for the Nazis? The U.S. says five long–time residents are war criminals

Pg… 34 The Man to Beat: in Olympic slalom, the odds favor Ingemar Stenmark of Sweden

Pg… 43 The Cubans in Angola: rare pictures of Castro's auxiliary Army in Africa.

Pg… 50 Tree Walkers of Asia: the acrobatic gibbon is the fastest, smallest and most elusive of the apes.

Pg… 60 Harmonious Museum for New Harmony: Avant–garde architecture graces the historic Indiana town

Pg… 66 The Making of the President Ain't What It Used to Be: by Theodore H. White.

Pg… 83 Follow the Sun: a persistent astronomer creates a unique time–lapse photograph of one solar year.

Pg… 89 Nine To Remember: from Pola Negri, Billie Dove and other living legends, a splendid legacy of the movie past

Pg… 102 Prophet of Outrage: Gaddafi of Libya.

Pg… 112 The Perils of Cheryl: an adventurous Tiegs, braving the beach in fashionable bare wear, is photographed by boyfriend Peter Beard.

Pg… 118 Life around the World: Joan Kennedy campaigning.

Pg… 120 Life around the World: the Russians are coming… again.

Pg… 124 Life around the World: you name it, he's jumped at.

Pg… 126 Life around the World: a message of love from Iran.

Pg… 128 Just One More. : Cover: photographs of Mary Astor, a publicity still from the late 1920s is from the Douglas Whitney collection

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