LIFE Magazine February 1994

LIFE Magazine February 1994 Why You Get Headaches


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Pg… 14 THE BIG PICTURE Japanese kids chill out; a Russian pilot beats the heat. Special foldout: For a dreamy version of Las Vegas, turn to page 17.

Pg… 26 ALMANAC A woman jockeys for position; four men prospect for gold; and an Olympic promoter guarantees 100,000 smiles.

Pg… 86 MY OTHER LIFE Even the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of six million Tibetans, takes time out for a hobby.

Pg… 88 AN AMERICAN PLACE The Virgin Island of St. Croix, where Columbus landed 500 years ago, has a new national park, a small rain forest and hammocks just right for swinging.

Pg… 90 SIGHTS UNSEEN It's thrilling. It's exciting. Everyone loves it. No wonder it's been banned from the Olympics.

Pg… 92 ON THE JOB Royalty and rock stars clamor to keep one of this man's students in their homes.

Pg… 94 HOW THINGS WORK Ski jumpers are traveling farther than before. Here's why,



Pg… 32 OLYMPICS Face to Face Torvill and Dean made Olympic history with their graceful 1984 performance. Now the Rogers and Astaire of the ice are ready to bring their sport back to life in Lillehammer.

Pg… 40 LIFE Special They are ordinary people who walk through the valley of the shadow of AIDS. A photographic portfolio.

Pg… 55 The Way We Live After going on umpteen blind dates and answering his share of personal ads, one American man takes a gamble on a Russian mail– order bride.

Pg… 66 Discovery For 45 million Americans who suffer from headaches, there's hope: New treatments can help almost anyone.

Pg… 80 Journey The majestic polar bear rules in snow white splendor over Canada's frigid Hudson Bay. : Cover photo illustration by Mail Mahurin Inset: Harry Benson

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