LIFE Magazine February 2, 1962

LIFE Magazine February 2, 1962 Space Astronaut John Glenn


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Pg… 22 STORY OF THE WEEK: From the Album of John Glenn: a Man Marked to do Great Things

Pg… 4 EDITORIAL: High Aim: Freer World Trade

Pg… 32 NEWSFRONTS: A Rough Campaign for Secretary Rusk?Roped Reindeer Supper?Throneless King's New Bride?Slapstick Gala: Keystone Corps, Pie–Faced Sinatra?An Heiress in the Casbah?Peace for a Noted Poet

Pg… 50 THE COLOR SPECTACLE: The Spell of Southern Warmth: a LIFE Tour Through the Sunny, Gracious Gulf Coast and Florida. Photographed by Leonard McCombe

Pg… 72 FASHION: Cleopatra is Back, Men: Cleo and Liz Taylor have a Big Effect on Dresses, Eyes and Hair

Pg… 80 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: No Murders Like British Murders: the English have a Destructive Style and Heritage. By David Snell

Pg… 93 ART: The Dilemma of Diana's Double: Who has the Real Rubens?

Pg… 41 DEPARTMENTS: Science: Giant Car for Fat Stars?World's Newest Radio Telescope

Pg… 45 DEPARTMENTS: Movies: Deborah Kerr's Battle Against the Demons in The Innocents

Pg… 15 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: the Money Destroyers?Treasury Men Burn Up $25 Million. By James Delay

Pg… 16 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE GUIDE to New Brainy Board Games, Books, Festivals, Movies

Pg… 21 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 98 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: the Chihuahua Cha–Cha

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