LIFE Magazine January 10, 1964

LIFE Magazine January 10, 1964 Gen. Douglas MacArthur Old Soldier Looks Back


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Pg… 4 Editorial: Automation: Its Benefits and Its "Slag Heap"

Pg… 13 Soaring U.S. Economy: A Forecast in FORTUNE Sees $50 Billion Worth of Good News

Pg… 17 LIFE Guide: The New York Theater, On and Off Broadway, Offers Some Wild and Wonderful Choices

Pg… 19 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 20 Working Holiday at the LBJ Ranch: President Johnson Takes the Affairs of State to His Texas Home?and Bestows 10–Gallon Hospitality on West Germany's Chancellor Erhard

Pg… 28 Reunions Beyond Berlin's Wall: Allowed to Cross the Communist Barrier, Free Berliners Greet Old Friends and Loved Ones

Pg… 30 Events of the Week: The Boy Wonder of Chess Checkmates Again. U.S. Tennis Team Takes the Davis Cup from the Aussies

Pg… 32 Strife in Cyprus: The British Return to a One–Time Colony to Keep Battling Greeks and Turks Apart

Pg… 32B Items in the News: SAC Retires Its B–47s. Astronaut John Glenn Tries a Replica of the Wright Brothers' Plane

Pg… 37 Manager Yogi Berra: The Famous Yankee Player has Some Cogent Things to Say About His New Job as Manager

Pg… 46 MacArthur's Reminiscences: LIFE Presents the First Inslament in an Historic Series: the Old Soldier Looks Back on His Eventful Life. In Part I He Describes His Fighting Scottish Forebears, His Distinguished Grandfather, His Fighting Father and His Own Youth. By General of the Army Douglas MacArthur

Pg… 66 U.S. Ski Team Flies High: A Tough, Frosty Coach Puts New Skill and Confidence in the American Olympic Competitors. "We'll Do Things the American Way." By Marshall Smith

Pg… 75 U.S. Jane Takes Paris: Henry Fonda's Lovely, Leggy Daughter Knocks the Frenchmen Dead

Pg… 79 Painters of Yugoslavia: LIFE Visits Villages Where Art Begins When Farming Chores are Done. Photographed by Angelo Lomeo and Sonja Bullaty

Pg… 84 New Year's at Grand Central: The Big Depot Becomes a Ballroom

Pg… 86 Miscellany: Barking Lights Only

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