LIFE Magazine January 11, 1963

LIFE Magazine January 11, 1963 Ann-Margret


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Pg… 4 Editorial: Cut Taxes Now Pg… 8 Speical Report: All Kinds of Days Make a Year Pg… 17 LIFE Guide: Catch Up on Theater, Books, Music, Art Pg… 22 Letters to the Editors Pg… 26 Glow in Detroit: Auto Boom Tingles the U.S. Economy. By Keith Wheeler Pg… 34 Cruel Storm: Ferocious Cold Spell Seals the Northeast in Ice and a Strikebound Port in Woe Pg… 38 Best–Dressed Women Pg… 40 Family’s Super–Adoption: Orphaned Brothers and Sisters Get a Mom and Dad. A Senate “King” Dies Pg… 40B Cuba, the Congo: Stress and Strife Compounded Pg… 43 Quick Henry, the Advice: Syndicated Teen–Age Wisdom Pg… 46 Potent Red Ray: Laser Beams Reach the Moon, Slice Steel. Photographed by Fritz Goro Pg… 54 Round Table on Taxes: LIFE Gathers a Panel of Experts Who Peer Into Your Pocketbook and Its Future. By Ernest Havemann Pg… 60 Up Shoots a Star: Ann–Margret Makes It in Bye Bye Birdie Pg… 62 Burma Surgeon’s Beat: Dr. Seagrave, a Legend in His Own Time. Pg… 70 Look, No Temperament: That’s Phyllis Curtin?Opera Star Pg… 73 Crazy Two–Wheel Drive: A Frenchman Does It on Purpose Pg… 77 Fight for the Eagle: Scientists Work to Save Him?and the Polar Bear Too?from Extinction Pg… 84 Miscellany: Touch?, Chaplain!

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