LIFE Magazine January 15, 1965

LIFE Magazine January 15, 1965 Ted Kennedy Recovery


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Johnson's Window on Utopia

Pg… 4 Editorials: The Tunku and the Pirates

Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Movie: Zorba the Greek, with Anthony Quinn, Reviewed by Stanley Kauffmann

Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Theater: Despair is Not Enough (Slow Dance on the Killing Ground, by William Hanley, and Man and Superman, by G. B. Shaw), Reviewed by Tom Prideaux

Pg… 8 LIFE Reviews: Book: Queen Victoria: Born to Succeed, by Elizabeth Longford, Reviewed by C. V. Wedgwood

Pg… 20 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 27 The Feminine Eye: You Don't Shoot Mice with Elephant Guns. By Shana Alexander

Pg… 28 Ted Kennedy's Recovery: As the 89th Congress Opens, the Young Senator Conquers a Broken Back and Walks in to Keep the Date. The Outlook for L.B.J.'s "Great Society" Program

Pg… 38 A Sky Dive without a Parachute

Pg… 40B Items in the News

Pg… 40D Report from Washington

Pg… 45 Sonar 'Looks' at Unborn Baby

Pg… 51 Wilder's Dirty–Joke Film: Kiss Me, Stupid Gets a Seal of Approval?and a Church Ban

Pg… 56D Mr. Big of the Bonus Babies: The New York Jets Sign Alabama's Star Quarterback Joe Namath for $400,000

Pg… 58 College Pressure: Part 2: The Drive to Produce Mass Excellence at His University Puts President Vernon Alden Under the Gun at Ohio University

Pg… 74 The XB–70: Building the World's Weirdest Plane Took $1.5 Billion and the Love of 3,000 Men. By Keith Wheeler

Pg… 85 Ideas in Houses: A New Series: A Castle in the Woods in Cedar Rapids Provides a Romantic Approach, Practical Execution and Privacy for Everyone in the Family

Pg… 92 T.S. Eliot?1888–1965

Pg… 91 Miscellany

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