LIFE Magazine January 17, 1938

LIFE Magazine January 17, 1938 Oil Business


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Pg… 9 The Budget & Mr. Lacey: What a Connecticut Yankee Pays in Texas

Pg… 14 Life on the American Newsfront

Pg… 16 New Year's Eve on Times Square

Pg… 17 –And at the Ritz

Pg… 18 The "Franconia" Sails on a World Cruise

Pg… 21 President Knudsen of General Motors Meets the Senate

Pg… 23 Mental Breakdown Ends Court–Martial of Marine Corps General

Pg… 24 "Golden Boy": Odets' Best Play

Pg… 26 Frances Farmer: From Seattle to Broadway

Pg… 39 Englishwoman Plays Henry VIII

Pg… 40 The "Nieuw Amsterdam" Gets a Smokestack

Pg… 52 The "Queen Mary" Rests on Land

Pg… 53 Ludendorff: Germany Buries its Great General

Pg… 54 Egypt's King Loses a Premier and Puts Off a Bride

Pg… 56 Farouk's Sisters

Pg… 28 Oil: A Business in the Billions (Freer: Biggest of Oil's New Boom Towns Squats in the Mud of Texas)

Pg… 42 Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt Jr's Needlework

Pg… 50 Young China Cartoons its Conquest

Pg… 46 "In Old Chicago"

Pg… 2 Speaking of Pictures: Look–Alikes Win Watches

Pg… 6 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 58 LIFE Goes to a Party in Greenwich Village on New Year's Eve

Pg… 62 Pictures to the Editors

Pg… 64 Private Lives

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