LIFE Magazine January 24, 1964

LIFE Magazine January 24, 1964 Riots at Panama Canal Zone


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Pg… 4 Editorials: Let's Act Our Age in Panama

Pg… 4 Editorials: The Wayward Buses to Cuba

Pg… 11 New Puzzle in the Skies: Scientists are Baffled by Quasi–Stellars, the Brightest and Most Distant Objects in the Universe. A Special Report by Albert Rosenfeld

Pg… 15 LIFE Guide: Museums Honor the Greats of Sport. Also, Gold Dust, Lace, Russian Short Stories

Pg… 19 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 22 Inside an Ugly Fight in Panama: Bullets Fly Over the Right to Fly a Flag: On–the–Spot Reports by LIFE Correspondents. PICTURE ON THE COVER: At a Fence that Marks the Border Between Panama and Canal Zone, Panamanian Rioters Set a Car on Fire, Hoist Their Country's Flag on a Lamppost

Pg… 32 L.B.J.'s Hootenanny: First State Social by the Chief

Pg… 32B Events of the Week: Mrs. Kennedy Says Thank You

Pg… 32B Events of the Week: The Berlin Wall Closes Again

Pg… 32D Women of the Week: Joan Sutherland Sings a Triple–Header

Pg… 32D Women of the Week: A Junior Senior Skater

Pg… 32D Women of the Week: Consumers' New Watchdog

Pg… 37 Leonard Baskin: An Affluent Artiest Calls Himself a "Pleasant Pariah"

Pg… 46 Swim Suits in a Rain Forest: An Exotic Background Sets Off New Soft Beach Styles that Free the Sylphs

Pg… 56A Verdit on Cigarets: Guilty: The Government Report Nails Down the Health Hazards of Smoking. Now the Country Wonders what Should be Done and Who Should Do It

Pg… 66 MacArthur's Reminiscences: In Part III of His Story, the General Tells of Fighting with the Rainbow Division in World War I Through Ourcq, St. Mihiel, Meuse–Argonne. By Douglas MacArthur

Pg… 82 Titan Missile Cuts Loose in Space

Pg… 85 Big Bundle from Britain: Tessie O'Shea Slays Broadway

Pg… 88 Miscellany: Pail Hands I Love

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