LIFE Magazine July 12, 1963

LIFE Magazine July 12, 1963 Steve McQueen and Wife Neile


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Pg… 4 Editorial: J.F.K.'s Voice Fills a Hush in the Cold War

Pg… 8 A Family's Six Babies Die: A Couple Lose Their Children, One After Another. Special Report by Mary H. Cadwalader

Pg… 17 LIFE Guide: Stage Standouts on Broadway and Classics Around the Country; Drummer and Dancers

Pg… 19 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 22 Goldwater on the Go: As the Conservative Boom for the Republican Presidential Nomination Gathers Momentum, the Arizona Senator's Mother Tells Some Things About Him that Few People Know. By Richard B. Stolley

Pg… 28 A Spate of Spies: They Pop Up All Over in a Cloak–and–Dagger Week

Pg… 30 Items in the News: The Parties Pick Their Convention Cities. New Job for Mr. Lodge. Comeback from a Proxy Defeat. A Mt. Everest Hero Comes Home. A Future Shah Outshines His Royal Dad

Pg… 32 Heat Wave, Cool Fashions: Plane Zooms Through a Visible Mass of Torrid Air. Models Brave the Heat to Display Bold Innovations in Fall Fashions

Pg… 32B Captives in Sun–Baked War: British Tommies Stray Accidentally Into Yemen's War and are Taken Prisoner

Pg… 35 Horror in a Burning Skyscraper: Brazilians Make Harrowing Escapes from Rio Fire?but Some Fail in the Attempt

Pg… 41 How to Watch the Eclipse: Don't Burn Your Eyes, Make a Sunscope?and Here are Instructions

Pg… 49 Fine Warm–Weather Musical: She Loves Me, a Melodious Delight, Gives Another Massey His Chance

Pg… 55 The Pope and the President: Color Photographs Show the Crowning of Paul VI and His Meeting with Kennedy

Pg… 60A World's Top Art Auctioneer: Peter Wilson, Chairman of Sotheby's, Hits a Record–Breaking $30 Million Year

Pg… 62 Rise of Steve McQueen: A Tough Individualist, Who Races Motorcycles and Scorns Hollywood's Ways, Becomes the Movies' Hottest New Star

Pg… 72 Saga of Tristan's Exiles: The Inhabitants of Tristan de Cunha Flee the 20th Century and Go Back to Their Bleak Volcanic Island. By Carl Mydans

Pg… 81 Great Narrows Bridge: Builders Rush the World's Biggest Span Over New York Harbor. Photographed for LIFE by Ken Kay

Pg… 89 Old Time Fiddlers' Contest: LIFE Goes to a Hoedown Which is Won by a Talented Left–Hander

Pg… 92 Miscellany: O.K., Ol?Now Fight

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