LIFE Magazine July 16, 1965

LIFE Magazine July 16, 1965 Kennedy “A Thousand Days” by Schlesinger


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Pg… 6 Editorials: What Poverty “War” is About Pg… 6 Editorials: The 25th Amendment, We Hope Pg… 14 LIFE Reviews: Book: Lansing Lamont’s Day of Trinity and Gar Alperovitz’ Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima and Potsdam, Reviewed by Ralph E. Lapp Pg… 14 LIFE Reviews: Book: Michael Field’s Cooking School, Reviewed by Edwin O’Connor Pg… 14 LIFE Reviews: Movie: The Sandpiper with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Reviewed by Eleanor Perry Pg… 24 Letters to the Editors Pg… 27 The Feminine Eye: Agent 008?Where Are You? By Shana Alexander Pg… 28 First Close Portrait of John Kennedy: Starting a New LIFE Series: “A Thousand Days” by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. The Famous Historian Who was a Member of the White House Inner Circle Writes of His Years with Kennedy as a Candidate and as President Pg… 38 Items in the News Pg… 43 Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew: The Prime Minister of the Smallest Malaysia State has Been Called “Brilliant but a Bit of a Thug” Pg… 56 Living with Pop Art: The Country’s Leading Collectors Enthusiastically Fill Their Homes with Their Purchase Pg… 72 Lotus Ford: Super–Car: The Fastest American–Made Racer is Built Like a Fine Watch. A Champion Driver Calls It “Airplane Without Wings.” By Jim Clark Pg… 81 Peekaboo Sex or How To Fill a Drive–In: Moviemakers Find Gold in Corny Films About Surfing, Beach Life and the Joys of Being Young. By Alan Levy Pg… 90 Ideas in Houses: For Adults Only: After the Children Leave, a Milwaukee Couple Switches from Traditional to Modern and Builds a Big Little Home Pg… 99 Ancient Ills in Clay: A New York Doctor Collects Statuettes of Pre–Columbian Patient and Diagnoses Their Ailments Pg… 102 Miscellany: Lunch–Hour Snoozzzzze

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