LIFE Magazine July 1979

LIFE Magazine July 1979 Endangered Whales


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note

Pg… 6 Windows Rare Pictures from LIFE's First Decade

Pg… 13 Portrait: Mariel Hemingway By Harriet Heyman

Pg… 16 Letters

Pg… 18 Will We Kill the Last Whale? Human predators arc carving up the oceans' great leviathans at a rate of about 24,000 a year Photography by William Curtsinger

Pg… 29 Silver Anniversary for the Iron Butterfly Twenty–five years after her wedding day, Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos can sting like a bee

Pg… 38 The Beast and Forty–deuce The subway complex underneath New York City's Times Square is a home for thieves and derelicts

Pg… 47 Found in America's Attics Need a bust of General MacArthur? Try a flea market

Pg… 55 If IF Works . Interferon may combat cancer, protect against viral diseases and prevent the common cold By Albert Rosenfeld

Pg… 65 A Tomb with Gold to Rival Tut's In northern Afghanistan. archaeologists unearth 2,000year–old skeletons and a hoard of treasures

Pg… 70 Out to Beat Tracy Rising young stars of women's tennis want to send Austin and the old–timers into early eclipse

Pg… 76 The Moon Men Now Long after exploring the lunar surface, the moonwalkers are still adjusting, sometimes painfully, to life on earth

Pg… 87 Now It's Moscow's Turn The Olympics are coming and the Russians are building

Pg… 93 007's Venetian Caper In Moonraker. the latest Bond movie, Italy's city of canals is the scene for a wild chase

Pg… 96 Life Around the World A Glimpse of Doom

Pg… 98 Life Around the World At the Wall of Death, a Prayer for Love

Pg… 100 Life Around the World On Their Own at Last

Pg… 102 Life Around the World A Fatal Shot

Pg… 104 Just One More

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