LIFE Magazine June 19, 1939

LIFE Magazine June 19, 1939 USC Sprinter


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Pg… 13 The Queen of England Captures America

Pg… 18 LIFE on the Newsfronts of the World

Pg… 19 Fred Snite Jr. in "Iron Lang" Attends Mass at Lourdes

Pg… 20 Hitler Steps Out in New Summer Uniform

Pg… 21 Briton Takes Spill in International Polo Match

Pg… 22 Republican Governors' Record Since 1938 Gives Clues to Republican Behavior in 1941

Pg… 24 Philedelphia Savoyards Do Gilbert & Sullivan in a Du Pont Garden

Pg… 32 The DC–4: a $2,500,000 Plane Has Its Picture Taken

Pg… 59 Boys in Uniform: Culver Military Academy

Pg… 26 Metropolitan Shows America as Artists Have Painted it for 300 Years

Pg… 51 Southern California Track Stars Perform for High–Speed Camera

Pg… 44 Wedding in Bbopat Unites Two of India's Leading Families

Pg… 34 Bustles Give Black a Lift

Pg… 66 Alfred Hitchcock, England's Best Director, Starts Work in Hollywood

Pg… 67 ?His New Picture, "Jamaica Inn"

Pg… 72 Flamingos at Last Hatch Chicks at Hialeah

Pg… 37 Children's Court Rates West Dallas Playground

Pg… 2 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 6 Speaking of Pictures: Parisians Learn to Climb Mountains

Pg… 78 LIFE Goes to a Dude Ranch

Pg… 82 Pictures to the Editors

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