LIFE Magazine June 1979

LIFE Magazine June 1979 Marlon Brando Apocalypse Now


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Pg… 4 A Letter from the Chairman of Time Inc.

Pg… 8 Windows Prize Pictures of 1978

Pg… 15 Portrait: Joseph Heller By Joseph Roddv

Pg… 20 Letters

Pg… 24 School for Terror At refugee camps in Lebanon. Palestinian children learn to kill for their cause Exclusive photographs for LIFE by R'en? Burri

Pg… 34 Is Al Haig Running for the U.S. Presidency? The departing NATO chief says no. but his eyes say yes

Pg… 43 The Scariest Rides Roller coaster addicts hang on for dear life

Pg… 54 100 Years of F. W. Woolworth The five–and–dime that almost everyone grew up in

Pg… 65 Quest for the Kob A Sudan tribe pursues a primordial beast

Pg… 73 A Cruel Inheritance Jolly K.'s struggle to end child abuse By Joan Barthel

Pg… 84 Oh, to Be in Paris when the Fashions Bloom

Pg… 90 Four Years to Remember A high school is the heartbeat of Rossville. Kansas

Pg… 105 Skylab Is Falling The 77–ton space station is about to plunge

Pg… 110 The Private Apocalypse of Francis Coppola His new movie epic barely survived typhoons. dysentery and Marlon Brando

Pg… 125 Final Curtain for the Rehearsal Club

Pg… 131 Life Around the World Not Again!

Pg… 132 Life Around the World Grim Mementos of Amin

Pg… 134 Life Around the World Squirt–Gun Guru Sprays His Followers in Miami

Pg… 136 Life Around the World A Rain of Bullets Ends Texas Parade

Pg… 138 Life Around the World Big Protester Stages a Float–in

Pg… 140 Just Two More

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