LIFE Magazine May 1991

LIFE Magazine May 1991 Mars: Our Next Home


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Pg… 2 PUBLISHER’S NOTE Pg… 6 MOMENTS IN LIFE Pg… 21 LETTERS Pg… 23 NOTES FROM THE INTERIOR George Bush Tasks Me by Roger Rosenblatt Pg… 24 Mars Can the planet next door be a home away from home for earthlings by 2170? LIFE offers some answers and raises some questions by Brad Darrach and Steve Petranek Pg… 40 The Father Who Fell to Earth A son resolves to learn the truth about his parent’s murderous past? at whatever risk by Lorenzo Carcaterra Pg… 52 Women’s Work The gulf war exploded myths about females in combat, but their fight to fight rages on by Jeannie Ralston Pg… 72 Lost Horizon With $10 billion at stake, there may be an ecological disaster in the Tatshenshini River’s future Photographs by Robert Glenn Ketchum Pg… 78 THE AMERICAN FAMILY 14 Kids, but He’s in Control Defying the changing world around them, Ed and Nancy Foran raise a ’50s–style family Photographs by Eugene Richards Text by George Howe Colt Pg… 91 SNAPSHOT My Old Man by Albert Goldman Pg… 92 JUST ONE MORE : Cover photograph by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, taken December 13, 1990, when Mars was 53 million miles from Earth Inset: Donna Ferrato/Black Star

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