LIFE Magazine May 2, 1955

LIFE Magazine May 2, 1955 Dancers from Oklahoma Movie


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Pg… 21 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 29 Friends of the West Speak Up: Nehru and Chou Get a Rude Awakening at Asian–African Conference in Bandung

Pg… 38 A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 42 Editorial: Can We Produce an Einstein?

Pg… 47 Sir Winston's Hideaway: From Sicily Comes Word that Churchill's New History will Appear in LIFE

Pg… 51 Fiesta Fun and Fire in Old Valencia: Spanish City Joyously Burns Statues It Built

Pg… 61 Death of a Genius: His Fourth Dimension, Timo, Overtakes Einstein

Pg… 69 Reading the Bible, Cover to Cover: Oklahoma Baptists Read Through the Entire Scriptures in a 79–Hour Marathon

Pg… 74 The Peak Year for Pink: Pastel Shows Up Strong in Male Wardrobes and Around the House

Pg… 79 Prococious Planters: Camp Fire Girls of Wichita, Kan. Replace Their City's Dying Trees

Pg… 84 Ev'rythin's Up to Date: "Oklahoma" is Finally Filmed and in Todd–AO

Pg… 94 Old Madonna Grows Older: Restorer Uncovers a Fifth Century Painting

Pg… 100 Sequel: Little German Girl Befriended Three Years Ago by a Kindly Congressman Becomes an American Citizen

Pg… 105 Medical Discovery is Put to Work: Mass Polio Inoculations Begin as the Nation Pays Thanks to Dr. Salik

Pg… 113 Otto, Real and Crazy: A Prankish German Pianist's Ragtime Takes Over U.S Juke Boxes

Pg… 119 A Reptile that Really Gets Ruffled: The Australian Frilled Lizard Makes a Debut in the Bronx

Pg… 125 Museum Director's Choice: Frederick B. Robinson, of Springfield, Mass. Museum of Fine Arts Selects a Luminous Chardin Still Life

Pg… 127 The Baronial Busches of St. Louis: The Brewery Family and Its Exuberant Way of Life. A Photographic Essay by Margaret Bourke–White

Pg… 138 How Reds Wreck a Free University: Communists Thwart a Famous Scholar's Effort to Set Up a Citadel for Liberty, LIFE'S article, by Lin Yutang

Pg… 157 Pulling a Big Oar at Cornell: Overabundance of Manpower Gives Crow Coach a Pleasant Problem

Pg… 165 Salute to "Sam": U.S. Celebrates 200th Anniversary of Johnson's "Dictionary"

Pg… 168 Miscellany: Modern House? Or Fire Escape?

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