LIFE Magazine May 3, 1963

LIFE Magazine May 3, 1963 Greek Alexander the Great: Conqueror


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Pg… 4 Editorials: America Could Help Cuba by Helping Its Exiles Find a Leader

Pg… 4 Editorials: Yale's Griswold was Spokesman for a Great Cause

Pg… 12 Bravo, Irving Berlin!: Special Report by Tom Prideaux for the Composer's Happy 75th Birthday

Pg… 19 LIFE Guide: Summer Jobs for Teen–Agers, Blossom Trails, Bearburgers

Pg… 21 Letters to the Editors

Pg… 24 A Lady Named 'Happy' Murphy: Her Quiet Divorce Sets Off Loud Speculation About Governor Rockefeller and His Political Future

Pg… 30 Near–Miss in Mid–Air: Jet Contrails Write Record of Tragedy that Almost was

Pg… 32 Intriguing Travelers: Tycoon Takes a Subway, Adlai goes to Spain, Princess Grace Comes Home and Wilma Rudolph is a Smash in Senegal

Pg… 34 Last Honors for an Educator: Students Mourn Death of a Wise and Witty University President

Pg… 36 Up Up Up Goes Business: Despite Some Gloomy Forests, 1963's First Quarter Broke Records. An Adaptation of a FORTUNE Report Which Indicates that We're All Right, Jack

Pg… 41 Suddenly She's Sultry: No More the Ing?nue, Carol Lynley Moves Into Adult Roles

Pg… 49 Sheik Shakbut's Shekels: A Desert Monarch Drinks Camel's Milk, Runs on Oil and Soon May be the World's Richest Man. By Timothy Green

Pg… 62 Greece VI: Alexander the Great: This Part of the LIFE Series Tells How the Arms and Ideals of Greece Marched with the Conqueror Across High Icy Mountains and Burning Deserts in an Immortal Adventure that Won a World. Photographed for LIFE by James Burke

Pg… 80A Boston Marathon: Champion Distance Runners and All Sorts of Tag–Along Types Run the Big Race

Pg… 86 Red China: Paper Dragon: Chaotic Mismanagement of Human and Natural Resources has Turned Communist China Into a Self–Devouring Monstrosity. By Valentin Chu

Pg… 103 Genealogy is Jumping: It's the Season for Ancestor–Hunting as Americans Explore the European Foliage of Their Family Trees

Pg… 110 Miscellany: Dog's Harrowing Hairdo

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