LIFE Magazine November 14, 1955

LIFE Magazine November 14, 1955 Convalescing President Eisenhower

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Pg… 35 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: The Shooting of the Century: William Woodward Jr. Dies by His Wife's Hand on Long Island. Also a Report on "Publiciety," the World of Ann Woodward, by Cleveland Amery

Pg… 46 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: A Look at the World's Week

Pg… 48 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Princess Margaret Consults Her Conscience and Gives Up Townsend

Pg… 55 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: Italian Police Clear a Mountain Infested for Centuries by Bandits

Pg… 63 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: An African King Exiled by British Returns in Triumph

Pg… 70 THE WEEK'S EVENTS: President Eisenhower Nears End of His Colorado Convalescence and Looks Toward Gettysburg

Pg… 50 EDITORIALS: A Point About Margaret

Pg… 50 EDITORIALS: Subtopia, Exurbia, Utopia

Pg… 79 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAYS: The Boy Who Took the World: A Lavish Film, Made in Spain, Portrays Alexander the Great as a Complicated Personality

Pg… 158 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAYS: The Simple Life: Two Dreamers Find Farming Anything but a Roman, Tic Idyl. Text and Pictures by Hansel Mieth and Otto Hagel

Pg… 86 ARTICLES: The Mystery that was Alexander: A Distinguished Historian Recounts the Bright Legends and Probes the Enigma of History's Greatest Conqueror. By Sir Harold Nicolson

Pg… 127 ARTICLES: Egypt's Premier Nasser Reveals how He Made Reds Arm Deal. An Exclusive LIFE Interview by Keith Wheeler

Pg… 190 ARTICLES: Rare Deeds by Dogs on the Hunt: Bernard Brussel–Smith, Master of the Almost Vanished Art of Wood Engraving. Illustrates Passages in Literature Recounting Heroic Efforts of Hunting Dogs

Pg… 105 MODERN LIVING: Steel and Plastic Patcher Molds Easily, Turns Solid in Two Hours

Pg… 109 EDUCATION: Flower Scents and Braille Please Blind Brooklyn Schoolchildren

Pg… 115 SCIENCE: New Tester Exerts World's Biggest Squeeze?5,000,000 Pounds

Pg… 119 RELIGION: Father Coughlin, Stormy Figure of '30s, Now Quietly Tends Parish

Pg… 133 YOUTH: A Balloon Tops Little Girl's First Visit to Philadelphia Zoo

Pg… 140 FASHION: New Fabrics Put Modern Art in Fashion: Models Pose in the European Studios of Famous Artists Who Inspired Designs. Photographed for LIFE by Mark Shaw

Pg… 169 FASHION: Red Chinese Now Concede "Decadent" Slit Skits May Be Worn

Pg… 149 TELEVISION: "Captain Kangaroo" Keeps Kiddies Quiet in Early Morning

Pg… 155 ARCHAEOLOGY: A Bostonian Finds Statue's Head in U.S. and Its Body in Cairo

Pg… 170 SEQUEL: An African Crowned Crane Chick Grows Like a Weed

Pg… 175 THEATER: Com?dle Fran?oise Bows on Broadway with Moli?re Masterpiece

Pg… 187 SCULPTURE: A Scavenger Sculptor Puts Logs and Cans to Creative Use

Pg… 202 PARTY: A Symphony Orchestra Pays a Gay Visit to a Seattle Suburb

Pg… 16 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Speaking of Pictures: Clark Griffith's Pitching Presidents

Pg… 23 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 204 OTHER DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Who's a Camera?

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