LIFE Magazine November 1980

LIFE Magazine November 1980 The Private Life of Walter Cronkite


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Pg… 4 Editor's Note.

Pg… 9 View from Here : on the immortality and its drawbacks, by Loudon Wainwright.

Pg… 11 Camera at Work: Cabinet Portraits Go Photographic.

Pg… 19 Portrait: Pinchas Zukerman, the fiddler in flight from his talent.

Pg… 24 Letters.

Pg… 34 A New Rush of Heroin: bigger and deadlier traffic from Asia's Golden Crescent.

Pg… 47 The Holy Steamrollers: Ohio's Moeller high has football's toughest team

Pg… 56 No Haven for the Last of Cuba's Outcasts:AFort Chaffee, Arkansas can't house is 10,000 refugees who can't find sponsors

Pg… 66 Patching a Gutted Earth: the West Germans clean up after they strip mine for coal.

Pg… 79 The Big Sting: the truth about "killer" bees.

Pg… 89 Raging DeNiro: the actor really gets into his role as fighter Jake LaMotta

Pg… 98 A Flash of Genius:Gjon Mili weaves poetry and engineering into his photographs

Pg… 112 The Face of Cancer Today: part 1 of a LIFE report: mobilizing the machines.

Pg… 121 A Charmed Circle of Survivors: part 2: living with cancer, by Martha Fay

Pg… 132 The Great Anchormen off Camera: Walter Cronkite's private world

Pg… 142 A Dancer Apart: at 40, Natalia Makarova starts her own company.

Pg… 152 Terrifying Tales of Nine Haunted Houses: the residents report on bills and other inexplicable phenomena.

Pg… 163 Life around the World: Lifting the Veil of Venus.

Pg… 164 Life around the World: Persian Gulf Skies Are Black.

Pg… 166 Life around the World: Iran's President Runs for His Life.

Pg… 168 Life around the World: Dali––His Sad and Surreal Seclusion

Pg… 170 Just One More. : Cover photograph by Jill Krementz

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