LIFE Magazine November 9, 1962

LIFE Magazine November 9, 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis Negotiations


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Pg… 36 STORIES OF THE WEEK: Destiny Waits Upon the Men. As Others Talk, Kennedy and Khrushchev Pull the Strings. The Historic Letter that Exposed Mr. K's Hand. By John L. Steele

Pg… 53 STORIES OF THE WEEK: A Vast Disillusion Shatters India

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: Coming Tests and Opportunities in Cold War

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: Cuba and the Future

Pg… 4 EDITORIALS: Our Link with India

Pg… 96A NEWSFRONTS: The Triumphant Teen Queen?Daring Oil King Caught by Death?Commoner on Walk with Royal Son?Big Charlie's Big Reach for French O.K?.Cortege for a Congressman?Goofy Gallic Way to Cross the Channel?Nobelist Novelist Who Got an Ignoble Reception

Pg… 74 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY: Splendor in the Skies: Up Goes Manhattan

Pg… 102 ARTICLE OF THE WEEK: They Decide Who Lives, Who Dies: Medical Miracle Puts a Moral Burden on a Small Committee. By Shana Alexander

Pg… 61 DEPARTMENTS: Science: Tunnel? Train??Ugliest Plane

Pg… 65 DEPARTMENTS: Books: Vintage Year for U.S. Novel

Pg… 93 DEPARTMENTS: Movies: Deck of Deadly Queens

Pg… 126 DEPARTMENTS: Sports: the Boy Gun Wonder

Pg… 133 DEPARTMENTS: Spotlight: an Ordinary Goddess: Ulanova

Pg… 19 DEPARTMENTS: Special Report: Viva Italian Film Flam! By Melville Shavelson

Pg… 9 DEPARTMENTS: LIFE Guide to Railroad Shows, Bus–Truck Tours, Repertory Groups, Music, Nature, Art, Books

Pg… 33 DEPARTMENTS: Letters to the Editors

Pg… 140 DEPARTMENTS: Miscellany: Quite a Hat at That

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