LIFE Magazine October 13, 1972

LIFE Magazine October 13, 1972 Lusitania Ship Sinking New Evidence


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Pg… 4 The Beat of Life: Inspecting Lincoln and Washington. Fire in Paris. Wheat for the U.S.S.R. A Not–So–Funny Car

Pg… 44 A New G–Man Shakes the FBI: With Hoover Gone, Patrick Gray is in Charge. By Robert G. Hummerstone

Pg… 52 Editorial: For a Safe and Sane Defense

Pg… 54 Behind the Soviet Sports Drive: Now They're Good at Basketball and Hockey?is Football Next?

Pg… 58 The Lusitania Sinking: After 57 Years, Some Fascinating and Long–Suppressed Facts About the Torpedoing that Dragged the U.S. Toward War. By Colin Simpson

Pg… 82 The Surgeon They Call 'Ted Terrific': A Brilliant Young Surgeon Stirs Up Controversy with a Bold Approach to Coronary Trouble

Pg… 91 Parting Shots: The Oldest Man in America has 130 Years of Memories. The Two Faces of Eileen, the Little "Fly Me" Girl. The China Watcher in a Bedroom Window

Pg… 12 Departments: The Presidency: Gromyko Revisiting. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 20–32 Departments: Reviews: Cyclops Finds "The Waltons" Sentimental But Wholesome

Pg… 20–32 Departments: Reviews: A Tour of Europe's Finest Watering Places, by Ralph Graves

Pg… 20–32 Departments: Reviews: Richard Schickel Reviews a Transatlantic Swedish Epic, "The Emigrants"

Pg… 20–32 Departments: Reviews: Melvin Maddocks on Ira Levin's Latest Bit of Spookery, "The Stepford Wives"

Pg… 36 Departments: 15 Years Ago In 'Life': When a Cop was a Friend

Pg… 41 Departments: Letters to the Editors

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