LIFE Magazine October 17, 1969

LIFE Magazine October 17, 1969 Naomi Sims Fashion Model


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Pg… 4 The Presidency: Through His Offices in Search of the Man. By Hugh Sidey

Pg… 8 Gallery: Erwin Fieger in Japan

Pg… 12–20 Reviews: Book: "Ambassador's Journal," by John Kenneth Galbraith, Reviewed by Wm. F. Buckley Jr.

Pg… 12–20 Reviews: Movie: "Coming Apart," Reviewed by Richard Schickel

Pg… 12–20 Reviews: Music: The Who's Pop Opera "Tommy," Reviewed by Albert Goldman

Pg… 30A Letters to the Editors

Pg… 30D Guest Privilege: Arthur Goldberg on the Green Berets

Pg… 34 The Black Model Breakthrough: The Blackness Busting Out All Over Ads, TV Commercials and Fashion in Beautiful?and Good Business. Photographed by Yale Joel

Pg… 42 Sports: Wht Really Happened When a Very Nice Team from Atlanta Encountered a Force Known as the New York Mets

Pg… 46 Editorial: When Bad News is Good News

Pg… 51 Movies: Judy Garland's Daughter Just Wants to be Liza. By Thomas Thompson

Pg… 58 Part Two of a Series: The People's War: A Phase–by–Phase Guide to the Guerrilla Doctrine Invented by Mao and Used in Modern Revolutions from Cuba to Vietnam. By Adrian Hope. Can it Happen Here? by Edward Kern

Pg… 81 Science: The Effect of Stanford R. Ovshinksy is Controversy

Pg… 88 Close–Up: Portrait of Tracy?a Very Personal Photo–Collage by Richard Davis

Pg… 94 Special Report: Jackie's Judo Caper

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